"Stephen from Harko loves to trade, he loves to teach, and he's good at both, which means that he's a very good mentor. His style is very inclusive, and he is keen for us all to succeed. He trades several markets, through the day and evening, so if the FTSE is a bit quiet he often has ideas about other possibilities. Many trades are trend-following, which I like, as you can get very long runs.
Glenn is also a very good trader, offers backup and provides good support. 
This is the first group that I've joined, or system that I've used, where I am making money rather than losing it, and I have tried many! It is a very pleasant change." - Helen 
"I have been a member of Harko for some time and can thoroughly recommend them to reasonably experienced traders (they are not for beginners!). I found it confusing at first, but have gradually come to appreciate their style. They have taught me to trade in a different way, with some valuable insights and methods that were new to me. Steve and Glenn are helpful and always available to answer questions by email or in the live room. Quite often, the live room re-opens for the start of the US session.They work hard at improving the service - from upgrades to the website to investigating new techniques. Their track record speaks for itself." - Mick
"In the beginning of 2019 I joined Harko and have found both Stephen and Glenn to be very open in their teaching and daily live trading. They are quick on answering questions and giving guidance. The trades taken offer a consistent win rate and there is at least a trade every day, but more than likely over three trades per day. They are generous with their live trading room, often on for over 3 hours, and also open the live room for additional trades that may come up later in the day.I recommend Harko to people who want a community of traders instead of trading alone, who want regular, live trades in real time, and who want hands on trading, commentary and direction, run by two patient and clever individuals who are themselves full time traders."Geoff
"I have been trading indices for over 2 years and not getting anywhere, frustrated watching the market move up and down, but not knowing how to trade it. Harko's trading systems and live trading room has restored my confidence to trade in a short time. Much more to learn still and looking forward to profitable trading."-