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What is included when you subscribe to the Day Trader?

Live Trading every day - Each week (on a Sunday), you’ll be sent out Calendar invites for any sessions scheduled for the week. These include live trading sessions each morning, Monday-Friday, 7:50 am for up to one and half hours each working day covering index and Forex Trading.

We also trade the USA markets from 2:15 pm for one hour every Monday/Wednesday and Friday

These sessions are recorded and uploaded into the Online Learning Centre, so if you miss a session or want to look back, you can always do so!

Regular Live Events - Nearly every week, we have strategies to trade live, so run an open and recorded room so we can trade live with you and guide you through the trades. The time-varying but are as follows (You don’t have to attend, but they are they if you want them)

16:00 for 40 mins (one to three times a month on Wednesdays)

10:10 once a month for around 30 mins (Fridays)

13:15 once a month for approximately 30 mins

The last trading day of the month, every month at 04:00, 16:00 and 21:00


ZOOM Room– We use this application to link the online trading community and also to share our screen while trading so you can watch, learn and participate

Trading ideas will be posted throughout the day (through our slack platform). This is also an app on mobile, so you never miss a message.

Free Screeners Included – These are a selection of algo’s that automatically find the trades set-ups to stop you from trawling the market (We currently have 10 of these) to find them.

Free Indicators Included– These are in-house developed and are forward-looking trending indicators; we also have auto daily and Fibonacci daily pivots for the Indices and FX markets.

An invitation to join our Slack Trading Community to keep up to date with trades occurring throughout the day, access the signals included in your subscription and connect with other traders to share news and ideas. Slack is available on Android and Apple devices as an online app, so you can always stay connected. It’s a great platform to allow us all to support one another through our learning journey. Slack is an ever-developing workspace, and we’re looking to expand the range of Support and advice we offer over the coming months. This is an exciting time to be joining us at HARKO.

Access your own Online Learning Centre with resources and learning materials you need to have a successful year with us, updated daily. This has at least a dozen trading strategies to choose from and a lot of other Support and learning material. This includes HUNDREDS of hours of recorded live trading sessions! In addition, our ‘Basic Trading Information’ folder will help you when you first start with key trading terminology and help with setting your personal goals and creating a trading plan.

 Microsoft One Drive powers this space, so you can add this link to the ‘shared with me section of your own OneDrive account should you wish.

The learning centre has over 800Gb of material you can use and download and keep forever – all yours.

Mentoring Sessions / Coaching is available, and I can offer 1:1 Support either as a one-off or as part of a series of meetings to help you on your journey.

Booster Sessions also take place regularly and on request, where we introduce trades, re-cap trades and ‘show and tell’ to each other as an additional form of Support.

Help with ProRealTime (PRT): This charting package is linked and integrated into IG. This is probably the best charting software in the market today. We have videos within the Learning Centre that will help you get started with this package. If you need any help, I am happy to help set this up. Signing up for a free account with PRT will give you access to further information and many advanced features that the software offers.


Funded Accounts – Once your confidence and learning build, we can introduce you to a free funded account from a number of capital providers.   This will be zero risk to you! Starting capital will be $5,000, rising to $1,000,000 as you progress with your trading.

– We take no profit from this.

Live and Email Support is available whenever you need it, through our email address, as well as on our slack support channels.

To keep up to date, feel free to check out, follow and subscribe to our social media platforms below! Then, just click on the logos to take you to the account on the corresponding platform.

Hopefully, this is all valuable information to help you make an informed decision. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask – just email

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