Our rationale behind the business 

After trading for many years, through good times and bad, we have developed a way of trading that is based on 18 years of trading the markets. Once masteredour system is repeatable, consistent and delivers over a 70%+ success rate. 

We understand why most traders fail when starting and the odds are heavily stacked against the new trader.

There is so much misinformation currently on the web, mostly promising the world and riches with great marketing techniques, but with very little substance.

So where does a new trader start? Where can you find a system mentor that will guide, educate and help you become a consistent and profitable trader?

We decided to start an educational program that will help traders be successful and consistent.  You will not get rich overnight.  However, what you will learn is how to target doubling your money every year.  Depending on how fast you learn, then it is possible to target many times this amount per year. 

Learning with HARKO in an environment which gives access to written systems, step by step guides, live commentary in live trading situations and being able to speak with other like minded people, is priceless, not only for the beginner but for seasoned traders also. 


Trading with others 

Over the years we have both benefitted from trading with others, learning ‘best practices’ and evolving as day traders.

With this in mind, we wanted to see if we could offer ‘would be’ traders a clearer route to the markets by offering

them education, designed to help their decision making when taking trades.

We intend to build this up in a series of key levels, giving a student the benefit of our experience and that all essential ingredient – TIME. We also feel that by breaking up the vast amount of knowledge available, into small modules, students will be better equipped to learn, rather than being over faced with huge chunks of information.