Glenn began his professional career in 1986 when he became a deep-sea diver.  

Having worked in a large industry all his life, the progression from shipbuilding (nuclear submarines and warships) and nuclear power stations to oil and gas fields (around the globe) was a challenging one. 

He then spent the next 27 years, diving in many parts of the world, with many of those years spent living inside steel diving chambers for several weeks at a time. 

His career came to a sudden halt in December 2013 when he suffered a stroke. Fortunately, he had already invested and built up two successful companies, one being a portfolio of properties and the other a plastic wholesaling business (selling containers, jars and accessories). 

He incorporated the plastics businesses in 2011, becoming the managing director and dealing with the financial aspect of buying stock from the Far East and therefore dealing in FX pairs.  

This gave him an insight into the markets and having met Steve (who became his business consultant), they started to trade the markets together, Steve having had quite a few years trading under his belt at this stage. 

They then embarked on building a company together (HARKO) with an emphasis on education and helping others to avoid the many pitfalls that can and do befall many traders.